How to Create your Sender ID on the TerragonPrime Platform

How to Create your Sender ID on the TerragonPrime Platform

How to Create your Sender ID 

On the platform, the “Account settings” section is where you create your Sender ID, which is the sender name displayed to your audiences when they receive your campaign messages.
  1. Account Settings

To create and register your sender ID, select ADD NEW SENDER ID, which must be a maximum of 11 characters, and can consist of alphabets and numbers only.
  1. Add New Sender ID
  1. Input your Sender ID and a description that explains what your business entails. This is required for your sender ID/name approval. 
  1. Sender ID & Description
Your SENDER ID must be approved before sending out campaigns, and this process takes a maximum of 24 hours, after creation.

If a part of your targeted audiences use the Airtel Network, your campaign message will not appear with your created Sender ID after 24 hours + of  Sender ID creation. This is because the whitelisting process (Sender ID approval) is bound to take a week to a month to be done by Airtel. This is a requirement from Airtel and we can only help by providing our DEFAULT sender IDs as a Sender Name to your Airtel customers, until the approval process is complete. 

Once approved, your Sender ID status will change from PENDING to APPROVED.

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