Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) Explained

Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) Explained

With over 210 million monthly active users in Africa, Facebook is one of the most effective Marketing and Advertising platforms for businesses on the continent. Terragon’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) is equipped with Facebook Conversion API to allow you to deliver personalized ads to your customers on Facebook, without relying on cookies.

The Facebook Conversion API offers three key benefits. 

  1. First, advertisers will be able to track a wider variety of data including offline conversion such as in-store activity, sales calls, and lots more, which gives a holistic view of your customer journey.
  2. Second, data sharing is more accurate and reliable because its connection to Facebook eliminates browser issues such as built-in cookie blockers, ad blockers, and network issues.
  3. Third, the Conversion API gives advertisers more data control over what to share and when. So, if you run campaigns on Facebook either for awareness or to prompt your customers to take an action, then you need the Conversion API to optimize and drive efficiency.
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