About TerragonPrime

About TerragonPrime


TerragonPrime is an end-to-end marketing platform that helps organizations aggregate, enrich and activate consumer data to drive targeted and personalized campaigns for cost-effective customer acquisition and retention. TerragonPrime is available in tiered monthly and annual license options for SMBs, large enterprises, and marketing agencies, to support their data-driven marketing efforts. TerragonPrime offers a range of marketing solutions grouped into 4 segments : 

Capture for aggregation

Sense for enrichment and insights

Connect for activation

Toolkit for custom, complementary mobile solutions.

  • Aggregate customer data into a holistic contextualized individual customer data profile.

  • Uncover opportunities by targeting look-alike audiences all with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Data enrichment allows businesses to make data useful and reliable for end users. When organizations enrich their data, they are adding value to it by making it useful. Businesses also generate a greater understanding of their customers when they enrich data, allowing them to tailor products and services to their customers’ needs. When data is accurate and up to date, companies can personalize marketing campaigns to users. Data enrichment enables you to segment your data if you choose to make advertisements and recommendations more relevant to specific users.

  • Without activation, marketers can gather insights but are not able to turn those insights into campaigns or messages. Data activation means that you can gather insights, pull lists, leverage AI, and more to determine your target audience and use that audience in multiple channels from the same platform.

Here’s what TerragonPrime platform would deliver:

  1. UNDERSTAND: Track customer identity, contacts, and context across every digital, social, and mobile channel — then organize this information into a single, open data repository.

  2. ORCHESTRATE: Design and coordinate engaging customer experiences and continuous conversations that take each customer on a personal journey over time – and do this in an organized, automated way.

  3. PERSONALIZE: Deliver relevant, personalized content and messages across channels and devices.

How can you use TerragonPrime?

There are many scenarios in which TerragonPrime can help your business, including:

  • Connecting online to offline

  • Customer segmentation

  • Retargeting and lookalike advertising

  • Product recommendations

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